Glue cyanoacrylate adhesive special formula for aquariums

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Glue cyanoacrylate adhesive special formula for aquariums

(Non-toxic, tasteless, strong fixation) for bonding coral fixtures, can also be used for stone ornamental structures. Widely used by aqurium hobbists.

This product can also be applied to the bonding metal, most of the plastic, and rubber, ceramics, hardwood, toys, electrical appliances, plastic larynx, car rubber and other fixed screws. Does not apply to styrofoam, polyethylene and teflon. Unique sticky coral function available underwater.

The glue is a colorless transparent liquid, its adhesion is due to the surface of the adhesive surface encountered by the rapid chemical polymerization hardening, resulting in stunning sticky, hardened, become colorless, hard transparent colloid, non-toxic, environmentally friendly products The

Unique performance instant bonding, can be a few seconds to the material bonding, such as a large number of use, this is the most effective and most economical adhesive. Strong adhesion, its unique performance is very suitable for bonding small area, suitable for use in a wide variety of different materials with different viscosity (VISCOSITY), low viscosity for fast diffusion of the surface. (Such as water in the micro-every natural gas), the viscosity can prevent the loss of glue. High viscosity is suitable for applications with large pores and small cracks.

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