Cure Blackening Discus For Aquarium Fish

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Cure Blackening Discus For Aquarium Fish

Body blackening, bacteria diseases of Arowana , Rajah Cichlasoma, Cichlid and Tetra such as raised scales, cloudy eyes, rotten fin, etc.

Direction of use:
Add 1 gm of this agent into every 10 liters of water. Remove one hale of the tank water after 2 to 3 days. Pour more this agent into the tank water after changing the tank water so that the same consistence of this agent is maintained. It is effective to use this agent for 7 to 10 days at temperature between 30and 32.

Use this agent together with the Bacteria Killer for newly purchased local and foreign fishes for seven days so that the severity of this illness can be reduced to a minimum. Use this agent at a temperature ranging from 30 and 32.

At the time of quarantine and treatment there should be stabilized the water, reduced the sunlight and increase the desorbed oxygen level (DO)**.
Don’t use this agent together with copper ions.
Reduce 1/3 of the dosage for Arowana.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with mouth and nose, if splashed rinse thoroughly with cold water.
1 Spoon = 1.5 gram

**DO – Normal rate = 3.2 gm/liter
– Max. Rate = 5.5 gm/liter

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