Bio-Nitrobacter 60 Capsules For Aquarium Improving Water Quality

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Bio-Nitrobacter 60 Capsules For Aquarium Improving Water Quality

Product Description:
Item Type: Aquarium Bio-Nitrobacteria Capsule
Size: 8x4cm
Quality Guarantee Period:2 Years

Product characteristics:
1. Degrading the harmful substances, for example, nitrite thoroughly is the real antimicrobial agent in water.
2. Establish the nitrification system quickly, and it will work in 24 hours.
3. Decomposition of food residues and excreta deposits to improve water quality.
4. Improve the immunity of fish and inhibit the growth of pathogens and algae.
Usage and dosage:
1. Put it into the biochemical cotton of the filter tank and it can dissolve by itself.
2. Adding 2 grains per 100 liters of water for the first time and one grain per 100 liters of water every 10 days for routine maintenance.
3. Can not be used with fungicides at the same time, if using fungicides, should be 3-5 days before the use of this agent.
4. After use, if the water body is temporarily turbid, it is a normal phenomenon, after which the water body will be clearer and brighter.
One bottle contains 60 grains of composite concentrate capsules. On the basis of nitrifying bacteria, there are many EM probiotics, such as denitrifying bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, aquatic spores, and photosynthetic bacteria. The bacteria content is 10 billion, which is more than ten times that of ordinary powder. The super-active capsules can be used in water within 24 hours. The effect is obvious after three days. The long-term application can keep the crystal and transparent water quality. The compound EM intestinal active bacteria, on the basis of regulating water quality, can better promote the growth of fish and increase the health of fish!

Package Include:
1 x Aquarium Bio-Nitrobacteria Capsule(60 grains)



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