Aquatic Mud 2 Litre

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Aquatic Mud 2 Litre

Ideal for the growing of aquatic plants.  Aquatic Mud has been formulated using the experience and knowledge of Aquacultures. Aquatic Mud is a processed blend of mineral rich loamy clay and rich brown sand, resulting in a medium suited to performing in under water conditions, without having any adverse effect on water quality or the aquarium habitat.

This product makes an excellent base under your gravel substrate. Plants can develop proper root structures if you use a good 2-3cm base under your main substrate.

  • Will not affect water quality or clarity.
  • Screened and cleaned
  • Allows for plant root development
  • Contains trace elements and minerals

Required Amount

Assumed coverage of 2-3 cm with additional substrate

< 50 L 2-3 L 
Up to  100 L 5-6 L 
100 to 200 L 10 L 
200 to 250 L 15 L 
 Please place multiple orders for higher volumes 





Loam and sand 95%
Minerals and additives 5%



Appearance: Golden Brown solid
Odour:Earthy and Organic
Bulk Density800-900
SolubilityInsoluble in water