Cleaning and maintaining your aquarium

Cleaning and maintaining your aquarium

  • Cleaning your aquarium with a gravel siphon is recommended and removing 25% of the water. Dependent of size of tank,stock levels and feeding etc.
  • A gravel siphon picks up all waste material like excess food and detritus (fish poo). This prevents it becoming toxic to the fish as it breaks down to ammonia.
  • When adding water to your aquarium always use a water conditioner. Tap water contains chlorine which is harmful to fish this breaks it down.
  • Refrain from putting your hand in the tank. Oils and soaps from them can affect water quality.
  • Filter media should be cleaned occasionally to prevent clogging.
  • Filter wool replaced regularly
  • Ceramic Noodles replaced every 6-12 months.
  • UV bulbs clarify your water and prevent alge booms in your water.
  • Live plants help remove bad gasses from the water by absorbing  and removing waster created by fish.
  • Test water parameter regularly to check for Ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. These are natural chemical compounds which are part of your tanks but in too higher concentrations can be harmful to your fish.
  • Regularly check all fish for stress or disease and medicate or remove as needed.
  • When adding fish acclimate properly and quarantine if possible. Also give any new plants a chlorine bath to prevent cross-contamination.
how to clean a dirty fish tank

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